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Join Peter Stafford-Bow for an evening of revelry and tepid hors-d'oeuvres in the heart of The Loire's wine country.

Usual venue, arrive early in case of Germans.

Monday of every month
Chinon O'Clock.


An in-depth study of one of the finest expressions of cool-climate Cabernet Franc. Bring your own, ultra-local wine and make it a good one. No spongers.

Tuesday of every month
Savennières versus Swartland.


A monthly fixture comparing the two great terroirs of Chenin Blanc. With special guest Wikus van Blerk. Pastries provided by the incomparable Pâtisserie Stéphane Buret. No weapons.

Thursday of every month
Sensible Drinking.


An evening of silence and concentrated imbibing, punctuated only by the clink of fine stemware and the flexing of well-exercised bladders.


Thursday of every month
Brexit face-off.


As we turn our back on our European friends and allies, and look instead to Africa and Asia, praying that the inhabitants of those lands might forget the centuries of humiliation imposed upon them by our imperial forebears, we introduce a needlessly provocative and chippy comparison of Kentish Sparkling Wine versus French Champagne. Up Yours Delors!




A toast to The Lord, to give thanks for being born English, French or Swedish.

Americans permitted every third Sunday (except Easter).

Bring your own bottle; please note ONLY the following wines permitted: Champagne, claret, Burgundy (no Beaujolais), Port.

Americans may be permitted to bring good Californian wine on their allotted day (please conceal in bag when on street or entering premises.)


4th July and Thanksgiving
Vin du Trump.


A study of orange wine, in all its inelegant and offensive glory. Bonus points for bringing wine matured in a stone amphora, buried underground or indistinguishable from out-of-date scrumpy.


Every 9th May
Anglo-Portuguese Treaty Day.


A celebration of the ratification of the world's oldest alliance: the Anglo-Portuguese Windsor Treaty of 1386. Port only. All Portuguese and Angolans drink for free.


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